Minor Update!

Just a few quality-of-life changes - 

1. Spacebar will now reset your position, which is great if you get stuck. Technically you could use this for collision/falling glitches, but hey, honour system ;)

2. Backspace will restart the game, so no more quitting the game to reset the whole thing if the reset position doesn't work.

3. Escape will open the pause menu, which lets you adjust the graphic quality. By default all the options are set to LOWWWWW, though when you load the game, they're on the highest. Slide around and apply, see what works for your computer. 

4. OH YEAH! MOUSE STEERING. No more being locked into keyboard for steering if you don't have a controller. You can use the mouse to get a lot more precision! 

Yes, it's been a while between updates. But this is not forgotten.


IcyBois1.02.zip 89 MB
Jul 10, 2018

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